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About the Author:

William Powell, an American author is for the most part known for his production “The anarchist cookbook” which he reprimanded from that point forward saying “I need to state completely that I am not in concurrence with the substance of The Anarchist Cookbook and I would be satisfied (and diminished) to see its distribution ceased. I believe it to be a confused and conceivably hazardous distribution which ought to be removed from print.”Right now, he is the co-executive of the association “Training Across Frontiers” he likewise has thought of certain books on worldwide instruction.

Inside this book:

This is a brutal book—sensual, rude, coarse, and cruel. However, it is timely and well-written, even witty. Professionally and painstakingly, all possible informative instructions for individual actions of destruction having a presumably social effect are detailed here. There is no political merit in publishing this book; it is not a call to action. For the real Hippy and Yippy, especially for the rebellious student, it hardly contains anything basic that he does not already know.
I believe that it is usually the “square guy” who wants to know what is going on, though (or because) shocked and even tantalized by such subjects. More often than not it is the subscriber to Reader’s Digest and Time who constitutes the literary market for such boring commodities as, for example, Games People Play. Still, the present book is an important reflection of American Anarchism. Its title was Science of Revolutionary Warfare—A Handbook of Instruction regarding the Use and Manufacture of Nitroglycerine, Dynamite, Gun-Cot-ton, Fulminating Mercury, Bombs, Arsons, Poisons, etc. The book was written by the Anarchist J. H. Most, who was the teacher of Emma Goldman.
I believe it to be very characteristic that such a book appeared only in this country. The same is true of the pres-ent “Cookbook.” One might think this is because of the American constitutional “freedom of speech.” But in other countries, even the clandestine literature does not, so far as I know, show any similarities to such a “Cookbook.”
I would like to go further and emphasize the specific nature of American Anarchism with-out denying that this local form still is Anarchism. The word “Anarchism” as used in the present book might be somewhat misleading, even a misnomer. It frequented Russian literature until the time of Artzybashev.

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  • Book Name: The Anarchist Cookbook
  • Author: William Powell
  • Language: English
  • Status: Available
  • Number of Pages: 157 Pages
  • Download Format: PDF

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