The Checklist Manifesto: By Atul Gawande PDF

The Checklist Manifesto PDF

Download The Checklist Manifesto By Atul Gawande. The Checklist Manifesto is beautifully written, engaging, and convincingly makes the case for adopting checklists in medicine, a project to which Gawande has devoted significant time over the last several years.

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Rating 3/5

I had to browse this book for work, and that I wasn’t trying forward thereto. To my surprise it’s a really smart narrative is sort of legible. The examples used square measure compelling and keep the pages turning.

By the tip it had Maine thinking of our processes and that I have my team scouring them searching for places wherever a list would be acceptable. If you are involved concerning quality, you ought to provide this book an attempt.

Rating 4/5

Before beginning, I scan AN} few reviews that represented it as an extended magazine entry. and that I went in skeptical; I used to be curious what quantity one might say concerning checklists. I see lists as a good thanks to getting things done.

As long as they’re straightforward and directed, they will focus my attention and keep ME on task. thus I went during a list enthusiast, however still skeptical.

Rating 3.5/5

Atul Gawande has conferred compelling proof that checklists will have a dramatic impact on the quality of care and attention outcomes.

He has shown that this is often repeatable round the world and not simply in regions as a result of they have a poorer attention system, a state attention system or a personal system.

Rating 4/5

It is simple to hate Atul Gawande. The young beauty in a very wunderkind sawbones with a rare gift for prose. The primary 2 books were beautiful, reading regarding the experiences I had had and general thoughts. I had thought, however way more superbly expressed than I ever might. It’s simply not honest.

And then he goes and writes this book.

Rating 5/5

In his third installment, and because the name implies; Atul presents an easy concept that might alright be a cure for human undependability and a good strategy to beat failures. The list.

While it’s an evident and rational answer to beat the inherit ineptitudes of active drugs and mastering its complexities, it’s a reasonably underestimated tool and very often forgotten.

Rating 5/5

The book extremely dashes when the primary fifty pages more or less. The author attracts fascinating parallels between the globe of drugs and aviation, finance and construction.

Eventually final that one thing that appears as elementary and mundane as a list are often used because of the final tool of potency and even collaboration. I really like the anecdotal kind of writing that is comprehensive however not boring in the least. 😊

Rating 3/5

A light browses, however, AN enlightening one. Having worked for many years in a very field wherever checklists area unit fully important. I used to be astonished that the medical field solely recognized the importance of those easy tools after they were shoved down their collective throats. “Look, you – these work!”

Rating 4.5/5

Fascinating. it is a testament to Atul Gawande that he will write a book regarding Checklists, and it’s still on par with the remainder of his work

Rating 5/5

Write it down and follow it! The skimmer would possibly realize this fast browse summarized in those words.

However, I found a deeper truth within the author’s testimony that the multifarious nature of the relationships between individuals, team members, supervisors, and subordinates will destroy absolutely productive and error-proof process/work if not designed properly.

Rating 3/5

I used this book and also the recommendation it offered by the manner of anecdotal proof, and my students Ate it up.

To make sure, they ab initio resisted, but it didn’t take long for them to visualize the utility of victimization checklists as a part of their daily learning regime.

Rating 3.5/5

I’d rate this around 3.5 stars. It’s no Complications however Atul is an attractive author, and continually has fascinating and thought provocative topics to debate, even the straightforward ones.

Rating 3/5

Using case studies, this book offers insight into however checklists are utilized in several industries from attention to construction to transportation.

This book doesn’t come in abundant detail concerning the “how-to” of the making of effective checklists. However, this was still a reasonably attention-grabbing non-fiction scan on audio.

The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right By Atul Gawande

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