The Demigod Files PDF

The Demigod Files PDF by Rick Riordan

Download by The Demigod Files PDF Rick Riordan published on 10 February 2009. Read the soft copy of this book anytime, anywhere and download it for free!

About the Author:

Rick Riordan is that the author of the past books within the big apple Times #1 high of the road Percy Jackson and therefore the Olympians arrangement: The Lightning Thief; the ocean of Monsters; The Titan’s Curse; and therefore the Battle of the Labyrinth. His past books for grown-ups incorporate the colossally thought Tres Navarre arrangement, champ of the most effective 3 honors within the secret category. He lives in the metropolis, Texas, along with his partner and 2 youngsters.

Inside this book

I was in fifth-period science class when I heard these noises outside. SQUAWK! OW! SCREECH! “HIYA!” Like somebody was getting attacked by possessed poultry, and believe me, that’s a situation I’ve been in before. Nobody else seemed to notice the commotion. We were doing a lab, so everybody was talking, and it wasn’t hard for me to go look out the window while I pretended to wash out my beaker. Sure enough, there was a girl in the alley with her sword drawn. She was tall and muscular like a basketball player, with stringy brown hair and jeans and combat boots and a denim jacket.
She was hacking at a flock of blackbirds the size of ravens. Feathers stuck out of her clothes in several places. A cut was bleeding over her left eye. As I watched, one of the birds shot a feather-like an arrow, and it lodged in her shoulder. She cursed and sliced at the bird, but it flew away.
Unfortunately, I recognized the girl. It was Clarisse, my old enemy from demigod camp. Clarisse usually lived at Camp Half-Blood year-round. I had no idea what she was doing on the Upper East Side in the middle of a school day, but she was obviously in trouble. She wouldn’t last much longer.

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  • Book Name: The Demigod Files
  • Author: Rick Riordan
  • Language: English
  • Status: Available
  • Number of Pages: 150 Pages
  • Download Format: PDF

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