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About the Author:

Dr. Jason Fung is perceived joined of the world’s driving specialists on abstinence for weight reduction and polygenic disease inversion, and his work has been highlighted in shops, for instance, the Atlantic, the NY Post, Forbes, the Daily Mail, and Fox News. he’s the author of a couple of books, as well as the whole Guide to abstinence (co-composed with Jimmy Moore) and therefore the prime of the road The blubber Code. Semitic deity Teicholz is AN analytical editorialist and author of the NY Times hit the large Fat Surprise, that turned the tried and true means of thinking on immersed fat and was named Best Book of the Year by the social scientist and therefore the Wall Street Journal, among others. She has likewise adscititious to various distributions, as well as the NY Times, Washington Post, New Yorker, and social scientist.

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IN JUST A generation, diabetes has gone from rarity to epidemic, a catastrophic turn that presents urgent questions: Why are so many suffering, and so suddenly? And how have our health authorities failed to offer an explanation or treatment for so devastating a scourge, despite spending billions? They have, instead, essentially given up on finding a cure, pronouncing type 2 diabetes 1 a chronic, progressive disease that promises a life of slow, painful decline and early death. Tragically, diabetes authorities worldwide have come to the consensus that the best hope for sufferers is merely to control or delay the disease through a lifelong dependence on medications combined with medical devices and surgery.
There is no emphasis on better nutrition. Instead, some forty-five international medical and scientific societies and associations around the world declared in 2016 that bariatric surgery, which is both expensive and risky, should be the first option for diabetes treatment.
These techniques for managing diabetes are expensive, invasive, and do nothing to reverse diabetes—because, as Dr. Jason Fung explains in The Diabetes Code, “you can’t use drugs [or devices] to cure a dietary disease.” The groundbreaking idea Dr. Fung presents in these pages is that diabetes is caused by our bodies’ insulin response to chronic overconsumption of carbohydrates and that the best and most natural way to reverse the disease is to reduce consumption of those carbohydrates.
Remarkably, the practice of carbohydrate restriction for diabetes dates back more than a century, when the diet was considered standard treatment. According to a 1923 medical text by the “father of modern medicine,” Sir William Osler, the disease could be defined as one in which “the normal utilization of carbohydrate is impaired.” Yet soon thereafter, when pharmaceutical insulin became available, that advice changed, allowing a higher-carbohydrate intake to again become the norm.

Download The Diabetes Code EPUB 


  • Book Name: The Diabetes Code: Prevent and Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally
  • Author: Jason Fung
  • Language: English
  • Status: Available
  • Number of Pages: 256 Pages
  • Download Format: EPUB

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