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Here is The Girl in Room 105 EPUB by Chetan Bhagat published in 2018 file which can be downloaded for Free. This book is one of the best novels by Chetan Bhagat, it involves mystery, romance, and suspense.

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‘Stop, my Bhai, stop,’ Saurabh said, snatching away my whisky glass. ‘I am not drunk,’ I said. We were in a corner of the drawing-room, near the makeshift bar. The rest of the coaching class faculty had gathered around Arora sir. They would never miss a chance to suck up to him. We had come to the Malviya Nagar house of Chandan Arora, owner of Chandan Classes, and our boss.
‘You swore on me you wouldn’t have more than two drinks,’ Saurabh said. I smiled at him. ‘But did I quantify the size of the drinks? How much whisky per drink? Half a bottle?’ My words slurred. I was finding it hard to balance myself. ‘You need fresh air. Let’s go to the balcony,’ Saurabh said. ‘I need fresh whisky,’ I said. Saurabh dragged me to the balcony by my arm. When had this fatso become so strong? ‘It is freezing here,’ I said, shivering. I rubbed my hands together to keep myself warm. ‘You can’t drink so much, bhai.’ ‘It’s New Year’s Eve. You know what that does to me.’ ‘It’s history. Four years ago. It’s going to be 2018.’ ‘Feels like four seconds ago,’ I said.
I took out a cigarette packet, which Saurabh promptly grabbed and hid in his pocket. I pulled out my phone. I opened the contact details of my next intoxicant, Zara. ‘What did she say that night?’ I said, staring at Zara’s WhatsApp profile picture. ‘We are done, that’s what she said. What did she mean done?

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