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Download The Girl in the Spider’s Web PDF by David Lagercrantz published on 2015. You can download this book in PDF format from the link provided below.

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Frans Balder had always thought of himself as a lousy father. He had hardly attempted to shoulder the role of the father before and he did not feel comfortable with the task now that his son was eight. But it was his duty, that is how he saw it. The boy was having a rough time living with Balder’s ex-wife and her obnoxious partner, Lasse Westman. So Balder had given up his job in Silicon Valley, gotten on a plane home to Sweden, and was now standing at Arlanda airport, almost in shock, waiting for a taxi. The weather was hellish. Rain whipped onto his face and for the hundredth time, he wondered if he was doing the right thing.
That he of all self-centered idiots should become a full-time father, how crazy an idea was that? He might as well have gotten a job at the zoo. He knew nothing about children and not much about life in general. The strangest thing of all was nobody had asked him to do it. No mother or grandmother had called him, pleading and telling him to face up to his responsibilities. It was his own decision. He was proposing to defy longstanding custody ruling and, without warning, walk into his ex-wife’s place and bring home his boy, August. No doubt all hell would break loose. That damn Lasse Westman would probably give him a real beating. But he put that out of his mind and got into a taxi with a woman driver who was dementedly chewing gum and at the same time trying to strike up a conversation with him. She would not have succeeded even on one of his better days. Balder was not one for small talk.

Download The Girl in the Spider’s Web PDF

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