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The Glass Floor by Stephen King EPUB can be downloaded for free as a softcopy. It was written in 1967 and was his first published story, for which Stephen King was paid 35 dollars.

About Stephen King

Stephen King is an American horror fiction author and many which are adapted in movies and television series. More than 350 million copies are sold by his books. He has written more then 200 stories. Lastly, Stephen king is known as the “King of Horror”.


In the novel Deliverance, by James Dickey, there is a scene where a country fellow who lives way up in the back of beyond whangs his hand with a tool while repairing a car. One of the city men who are looking for a couple of guys to drive their cars downriver asks this fellow, Griner by name, if he’s hurt himself. Griner looks at his bloody hand, then mutters: “Naw – it ain’t as bad as I thought.”That’s the way I felt after re-reading “The Glass Floor,” the first story for which I was ever paid, after all these years. Darrell Schweitzer, the editor of Weird Tales invited me to make changes if I wanted to, but I decided that would probably be a bad idea. Except for two or three word-changes and the addition of a paragraph break (which was probably a typographical error in the first place), I’ve left the tale just as it was.
If I really did start making changes, the result would be an entirely new story.”The Glass Floor” was written, to the best of my recollection, in the summer of 1967, when I was about two months shy of my twentieth birthday. I had been trying for about two years to sell a story to Robert A.W. Lowndes, who edited two horror/fantasy magazines for Health Knowledge (The Magazine of Horror and Startling Mystery Stories) as well as a vastly more popular digest called Sexology. He had rejected several submissions kindly (one of them, marginally better than “The Glass Floor,” was finally published in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction under the title “Night of the Tiger”), then accepted this one when I finally got around to submitting it.

Reviews for The Glass Floor

Review 1: This was author King’s first-ever story that he was able to sell for money, that dates back to 1967. it is not dangerous, although you’ll be able to tell he still had a way in which to travel to hone his craft.

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