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Download The Godfather PDF by Mario Puzo published on 1st March 2002. An advanced gem, The Godfather is a burning depiction of the 1940s criminal black market. It is likewise the private story of the Corleone family, without a moment’s delay drawn together and tore separated by its one of a kind situation at the center of the American Mafia. However, as yet stunning forty years after it was first distributed, this convincing story of coercion, murder, and family esteems is a genuine exemplary.
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About the Author:

Mario Puzo was born in New York. He is the creator of the top of the line novel The Godfather and numerous other acclaimed books. Puzo additionally composed numerous screenplays, including those for the three Godfather motion pictures, for which he won two foundation grants. He passed on at his home in Long Island, New York, at the age of seventy-eight.

Inside this book:

Tom Hagen went to his law office in the city on Thursday morning. He planned to catch up on his paperwork to have everything cleared away for the meeting with Virgil Sollozzo on Friday. A meeting of such importance that he had asked the Don for a full evening of talk to prepare for the proposition they knew Sollozzo would offer the family business. Hagen wanted to have all little details cleared away so that he could go to that preparatory meeting with an unencumbered mind.
The Don had not seemed surprised when Hagen returned from California late Tuesday evening and told him the results of the negotiations with Woltz. He had made Hagen go over every detail and grimaced with distaste when Hagen told about the beautiful little girl and her mother. He had murmured “infamita, “ his strongest disapproval. However, he had asked Hagen one final question. “Does this man have real balls?”
Hagen considered exactly what Don meant by this question. Over the years he had learned that Don’s values were so different from those of most people that his words also could have a different meaning. Did Woltz have character? Did he have a strong will? He most certainly did, but that was not what the Don was asking. Did the movie producer have the courage not to be bluffed? Did he have the willingness to suffer heavy financial loss delay on his movies would mean, the scandal of his big star exposed as a user of heroin? Again the answer was yes. But again this was not what the Don meant.
Finally, Hagen translated the question properly in his mind. Did Jack Woltz have the balls to risk everything, to run the chance of losing all on a matter of principle, on a matter of honor; for revenge? Hagen smiled. He did it rarely but now he could not resist jesting with the Don. “You’re asking if he is a Sicilian.” The Don nodded his head pleasantly, acknowledging the flattering witticism and its truth. “No,” Hagen said. That had been all. The Don had pondered the question until the next day. On Wednesday afternoon he had called Hagen to his home and given him his instructions.
The instructions had consumed the rest of Hagen’s working day and left him dazed with admiration. However, there was no question in his mind that the Don had solved the problem, that Woltz would call him this morning with the news that Johnny Fontane had the starring part in his new war movie. At that moment the phone did ring but it was Amerigo Bonasera. The undertaker’s voice was trembling with gratitude. He wanted Hagen to convey to Don his undying friendship. The Don had only to call on him. He, Amerigo Bonasera, would lay down his life for the blessed Godfather. However, Hagen assured him that the Don would be told.

Download The Godfather PDF by Mario Puzo


  • Book Name: The Godfather
  • Author: Mario Puzo
  • Language: English
  • Status: Available
  • Number of Pages: 402 Pages
  • Download Format: PDF

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