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    About the Author:

    Paul Fussell is Donald T. Regan’s academician old of English Literature at the University of Pennsylvania.


    This book is about the British experience on the Western Front from 1914 to 1918 and some of the literary means by which it has been remembered, conventionalized and mythologized. It is also about the literary dimensions of the trench experience itself. Indeed, if the book had a subtitle, it would be something like “An Inquiry into the Curious Literariness of Real Life.”
    I have focused on places and situations where literary tradition and real-life notably transect, and in doing so I have tried to understand something of the simultaneous and reciprocal process by which life feeds materials to literature while literature returns the favor by conferring forms upon life. And I have been concerned with something more: the way the dynamics and iconography of the Great War have proved crucial political, rhetorical, and artistic determinants on subsequent life.
    At the same time, the war was relying on inherited myth, it was generating a new myth, and that myth is part of the fiber of our own lives. In suggesting the forms of that myth, I have tried to supply contexts, both actual and literary, for writers who have most effectively memorialized the Great War as a historical experience with conspicuous imaginative and artistic meaning.

    Inside this book:

    These writers I take to be the classic memoirists Siegfried Sassoon, Robert Graves, and Edmund Blunden. I have dealt also with poets of very high literary consciousness like David Jones, Isaac Rosenberg, and of course Wilfred Owen. And to see what the ordinary man has to say about it all, I have compared the scores of amateur memoirs lodged in the collections of the Imperial War Museum. Correctly or not, the current idea of “the Great War” derives primarily from images of the trenches in France and Belgium.
    I have thus stayed there with the British infantry, largely disregarding events in Mesopotamia, Turkey, Africa, and Ireland, and largely ignoring air and naval warfare. By thus narrowing my view, I have hoped to sharpen it to probe into the origins of what some future “medievalist” may call The Matter of Flanders and Picardy.

    Download The Great War and Modern Memory EPUB


    • Book Name: The Great War and Modern Memory
    • Author: Paul Fussell
    • Language: English
    • Status: Available
    • Number of Pages: 433 Pages
    • Download Format: EPUB

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