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Download The Help EPUB by Kathryn Stockett published on 10 February 2009. Enter an evaporated and unfair world: Jackson, Mississippi, 1962. Where dark servants bring up white youngsters, however, aren’t trusted to take the silver.
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    About the Author:

    Kathryn Stockett was brought up in Jackson, Mississippi. In the wake of moving on from the University of Alabama with a degree in English and exploratory writing, she moved to New York City, where she worked in magazine distributing for a long time. She as of now lives in Atlanta with her better half and girl. She is taking a shot at her subsequent novel.

    Inside this book:

    YOU’D NEVER KNOW IT living here, but Jackson, Mississippi, be filled with two hundred thousand peoples. I see the numbers in the paper and I got to wonder, where do them peoples live? Underground? Cause I know just about everybody on my side the bridge and plenty a white families too, and that sure doesn’t add up to be any two hundred thousand. Six days a week, I take the bus across the Woodrow Wilson Bridge to where Miss Leefolt and all her white friends live, in a neighborhood call Belhaven.
    Right next to Belhaven be the downtown and the state capital. Capitol building is really big, pretty on the outside but I never been in it. I wonder what they pay to clean that place. Down the road from Belhaven is white Woodland Hills, then Sherwood Forest, which is miles big live oak with the moss hanging down. Nobody living in it yet, but it’s there for when the white folks are ready to move somewhere else new. Then it’s the country, out where Miss Skeeter lives on the Longleaf cotton plantation.
    She doesn’t know it, but I picked cotton out there in 1931, during the Depression, when we didn’t have anything to eat but state cheese. So Jackson’s just one white neighborhood after the next and more springing up down the road. But the colored part of a town, we one big anthill, surrounded by state land that ain’t for sale. As our numbers get bigger, we can’t spread out. Our part of a town just gets thicker. I get on the number six bus that afternoon, which goes from Belhaven to Farish Street.


    The bus today is nothing but maids heading home in our white uniforms. We all chatting and smiling at each other like we own it—not cause we mind if they’re white people on here, we sit anywhere we want to now thanks to Miss Parks—just cause it’s a friendly feeling. I spot Minny in the back center seat. Minny short and big, got shiny black curls. She sat with her legs splayed, her thick arms crossed. She was seventeen years younger than I am. Minny could probably lift this bus over her head if she wanted to. An old lady like me’s lucky to have her as a friend. I take the seat in front of her, turn around and listen. However, Everybody likes to listen to Minny.
    “. . . so I said, Miss Walters, the world doesn’t want a see your naked white behind any more than they want a see my black one.
    Now, get in this house and put your underpants and some clothes on.”
    “On the front porch? Naked?” Kiki Brown asks. “Her behind hanging to her knees.”
    The bus is laughing and chuckling and shaking their heads. “Law, that woman crazy,” Kiki said. “I don’t know how you always seem to get the crazy ones, Minny.” “Oh, like your Miss Patterson ain’t?” Minny says to Kiki. “Shoot, she calls the roll a the crazy lady club.” The whole bus is laughing now cause Minny doesn’t like anybody talking bad about her white lady except herself.
    That’s her job and she owns the rights. The bus crosses the bridge and makes the first stop in the colored neighborhood. A dozen or so maids get off. I go set in the open seat next to Minny. She smiles, bumps me hello with her elbow. Then she relaxes back in her seat cause she doesn’t have to put on any show for me.

    Download The Help EPUB


    • Book Name: The Help
    • Author: Kathryn Stockett
    • Language: English
    • Status: Available
    • Number of Pages: 202 Pages
    • Download Format: EPUB

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