The Life We Bury

The Life We Bury PDF by Allen Eskens

Download The Life We Bury PDF by Allen Eskens published on 14 October 2014. You can download this book in PDF format from the link provided below.

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I remember being pestered by a sense of dread as I walked to my car that day, pressed down by a wave of foreboding that swirled around my head and broke against the evening in small ripples. There are people in this world who would call that kind of feeling a premonition, a warning from some internal third eye that can see around the curve of time. I’ve never been one to buy into such things. But I will confess that there have been times when I think back to that day and wonder: if the fates had truly whispered in my ear—if I had known how that drive would change so many things—would I have taken a safer path? Would I turn left where before I had turned right? Or would I still travel the path that led me to Carl Iverson?
My Minnesota Twins were scheduled to play the Cleveland Indians that cool September evening in a game to crown the central-division champion. Soon the lights of Target Field would flood the western horizon of Minneapolis, shooting up into the night like rays of glory, but I would not be there to see it. Just one more thing I couldn’t afford on my college-student budget. Instead, I would be working the door at Molly’s Pub, stealing glances at the game on the television above the bar as I inspected driver’s licenses and tamped down drunken arguments—not my career of choice, but it paid the rent.

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  • Title: The Life We Bury
  • Author: Allen Eskens
  • Published on: October 14, 2014
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Download The Life We Bury PDF by Allen Eskens

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