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The Long Walk PDF by Stephen King

Download The Long Walk PDF by Stephen King published in July 1979. It is one of the Top 100 best books for teenagers published between 1966 and 2000.

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1. Rating 4/5

The Long Walk is a re-read for me that I lifted back up for Book #7 of the Stephen King Challenge. It is additionally one of the first stories that King composed as Richard Bachman. I thought that it was entertaining in the introduction segment entitled The Importance of Being Bachman, King composes that he utilized his mystery nom de plume for when he felt that he had an extremely dull story that expected to turn out. Give me a chance to get this straight. Lord has stories inside him that are too dull and ghastly to put his name on them? Goodness! I must peruse once more.
The story peruses like a mix of the motivation of the Hunger Games and Survivor meets the Bataan Death March and a satire of the draft for the Vietnam War. It is additionally the primary novel that King at any point composed, originating before Carrie by eight years.

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An old blue Ford pulled into the guarded parking lot that morning, looking like a small, tired dog after a hard tun. One of the guards, an expressionless young man in a khaki uniform and a Sam Browne belt, asked to see the blue plastic ID card. The boy in the back seat handed it to his mother. His mother handed it to the guard. The guard took it to a computer terminal that looked strange and out of place in the rural stillness. The computer terminal ate the card and flashed this on its screen.
The guard punched another button and all of this disappeared, leaving the terminal screen smooth and green and blank again. He waved them forward.
“Don’t they give the card back?” Mrs. Garraty asked. “Don’t they-”
“No, Mom,” Garraty said patiently.
“Well, I don’t like it,” she said, pulling forward into an empty space. She had been saying it ever since they set out in the dark of two in the morning. She had been moaning it, actually.
“Don’t worry,” he said without hearing himself. He was occupied with looking and with his own confusion of anticipation and fear. He was out of the car almost before the engine’s last asthmatic wheeze-a tall, the well-built boy wearing a faded army fatigue jacket against the eight o’clock spring chill.

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