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Ten runaways. That’s what the police are calling them. Ten teenagers have disappeared from our town this year, and it’s only June. I gaze out the window of the aging café, the chipped, pale, magnolia paint making it look borderline derelict, but the food is good. It’s summer, but the weather hasn’t gotten the memo. Dark gray clouds swirl in the sky, threatening rain again. It’s been like that all day, short smatterings of drizzle. Rain that fizzles out as quickly as it appears. We have a long, school-free summer stretching out in front of us before our senior year. But we won’t be able to have any fun if the weather doesn’t get with the program. “Piper, another one bites the dust,” Hazel says, waving a news article on her phone at me from across the table. She pushes her shoulder-length, dark curly hair behind her ear. “Look.”
ELEVENTH TEEN RUNAWAY. Eleven gone. “Who is it this time?” “Lucie Bean, sixteen years old. Same age as us again. She lives about thirty minutes away. Last seen two days ago outside Huck’s Café with friends. It says she left on her own but never made it home.” We live in Mauveton, population 5,839. It’s a densely populated but small town with nothing to do, and the biggest city near us is more than an hour away, which makes it one of the most boring places on earth.

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  • Title: The Lost
  • Author: Natasha Preston
  • Published on: March 19, 2019
  • Format: EPUB
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