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The Lucifer Effect PDF by Philip Zimbardo

Download The Lucifer Effect PDF by Philip Zimbardo published in 2007.

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In 1971 the American psychologist Phillip Zimbardo conducted an innovative experiment; known as the Stanford Prison experiment, which received a lot of criticism. Seventy-five students took part in a polemic study that emulated the life of a prison. Some scholars exerted considerable criticism on the structure of the test. The role of the observer, in this vein, was not neutral. Others launched to invalidate his ecological dynamics since for them many of the environmental conditions were arbitrarily imposed on the players involved. Quite aside from this, what would be interesting to discuss is to what an extent Zimbardo´s findings are applicable today when the government is seriously questioned by the violation of rights committed by US army forces on Muslim prisoners post-Iraq invasion. The Lucifer effect not only accumulates years of investigation and experience in Zimbardo´s career but also gives an insight into the relationship between adjusted behavior and rules.

Download The Lucifer Effect PDF


  • Book Name: The Lucifer Effect
  • Author: Philip Zimbardo
  • Language: English
  • Status: Available
  • Number of Pages: 350 Pages
  • Download Format: PDF

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