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Inside this Book – Some people are luckier than others. That is a statement with which few would argue. But the statement is like thin soup eaten before a meal. By itself, it doesn’t satisfy. More must follow, and that is when the arguments begin. Why are some people luckier than others? This is a question of enormous si?e, for it probes into people’s fundamental beliefs about themselves, their lives, and their destinies. There is no agreement on this question, never has been, perhaps never will be. Some think they know the reasons for good and bad luck. Others agree that reasons may exist but doubt they can be known. Still, others doubt that there are any reasons at all. And so the debate begins.

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  • Full Book Name – The Luck Factor
  • Author of this Book – Max Gunther
  • Language – English
  • Book Genre – Self Help
  • Download Format – EPUB
  • Size – 1008 KB
  • Number of Pages – 172

Download The Luck Factor by Max Gunther EPUB

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