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The Nightingale PDF by Kristin Hannah

Download The Nightingale PDF by Kristin Hannah
Download The Nightingale PDF by Kristin Hannah

Download The Nightingale PDF by Kristin Hannah published on 3rd February 2015. Read the soft copy of this book anytime, anywhere and download it for free!

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About the Author:

Kristin Hannah is the #1 New York Times top rated creator of The Nightingale, destined to be a significant film coordinated by Michelle MacLaren. Her most recent novel is The Great Alone, set in Alaska. Hannah is likewise the writer of the New York Times smash hits Firefly Lane, Winter Garden, Night Road, Fly Away, and Home Front, which has been optioned for a movie by 1492 Films (makers of the Oscar-designated movie The Help) with Chris Columbus appended to compose, produce, and direct. She is the mother of one child and lives with her significant other in the Pacific Northwest.


Vianne Mauriac left the cool, stucco-walled kitchen and stepped out into her front yard. On this beautiful summer morning in the Loire Valley, everything was in bloom. White sheets flapped in the breeze and roses tumbled like laughter along the ancient stone wall that hid her property from the road. A pair of industrious bees buzzed among the blooms; from far away, she heard the chugging purr of a train and then the sweet sound of a little girl’s laughter. Sophie. Vianne smiled.

Her eight-year-old daughter was probably running through the house, making her father dance attendance on her as they readied for their Saturday picnic. “Your daughter is a tyrant,” Antoine said, appearing in the doorway. He walked toward her, his pomaded hair glinting black in the sunlight. He’d been working on his furniture this morning—sanding a chair that was already as soft as satin—and a fine layer of wood dust peppered his face and shoulders. He was a big man, tall and broad-shouldered, with a rough face and a dark stubble that took constant effort to keep from becoming a beard.

Inside this book:

He slipped an arm around her and pulled her close. “I love you, V.” “I love you, too.” It was the truest fact of her world. She loved everything about this man, his smile, the way he mumbled in his sleep and laughed after a sneeze and sang opera in the shower. She’d fallen in love with him fifteen years ago, on the school play yard, before she’d even known what love was.

He was her first everything—first kiss, first love, first lover. Before him, she’d been a skinny, awkward, anxious girl given to stuttering when she got scared, which was often. A motherless girl. You will be the adult now, her father had said to Vianne as they walked up to this very house for the first time. She’d been fourteen years old, her eyes swollen from crying, her grief unbearable. In an instant, this house had gone from being the family’s summer house to a prison of sorts. Maman had been dead less than two weeks when Papa gave up on being a father. Upon their arrival here, he’d not held her hand or rested a hand on her shoulder or even offered her a handkerchief to dry her tears.

Download The Nightingale PDF by Kristin Hannah

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  • Book Name: The Nightingale
  • Author: Kristin Hannah
  • Language: English
  • Status: Available
  • Number of Pages: 335 Pages
  • Download Format: PDF

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