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Most of us who consider ourselves procrastinators meet deadlines and avoid serious penalties
Our distress comes from the constant anxiety of delaying, guilt about the inferior quality of projects completed at the last minute, and deep regrets about life’s missed opportunities
The Now Habit does not accept that laziness, disorganization, or any other character defect is the reason you procrastinate
Procrastination is not a character defect,rather, it is an attempt at coping with the often incapacitating fear of having our worth help up for judgement
It is the fear of failure, the fear of being imperfect, and the fear of impossible expectations that prevent us from acting
The fear of judgement is the key fear that stems from over-identifying who you are, your worth as a person, with your work
Procrastination is a learnedprotective reaction to pressure, feeling overwhelmed, and fear of failure and of success
If these underlying fears are allayed, thelearned tactic of procrastination can rapidly be unlearned
We use a metaphor to understand how we learned to procrastinate

  • A. Walking a board on the ground
  • B. Walking a board suspended between buildings 100 feet above the pavement
  • C. Walking a board suspended betweenbuildings 100 feet above the pavement, with the building on your end on fire

On a psychological level you are often the one who raises the board off the ground by changing a straightforward task into the rest of your worth, proof that you are acceptable, a prediction that you will be successful and happy or a failure and miserable
Through perfectionism you raise the task 100 feet above the ground, so that any failure or rejection would be intolerable
You demand that you do it perfectly, without anxiety, with complete acceptance from your audience, with nocriticism

About the author

NEIL FIORE, PhD, is a renowned psychologist, lecturer, trainer, and bestselling author. Dr. Fiore has built a reputation as a leading peak performance and productivity expert. He has presented and trained around the world to clients such as: AT&T, Bechtel Corporation, Levi Strauss & Co., Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, The Smithsonian Institution, and the Federal Reserve Bank.

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