The Power of Positive Thinking PDF

The Power of Positive Thinking PDF

Download The Power of Positive Thinking PDF by Norman Vincent Peale published in 1952.


THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN to suggest techniques and to give examples which demonstrate that you do not need to be defeated by anything, that you can have peace of mind, improved health, and a never-ceasing flow of energy. In short, your life can be full of joy and satisfaction. Of this, I have no doubt at all for I have watched countless persons learn and apply a system of simple procedures that have brought about the foregoing benefits in their lives. These assertions, which may appear extravagant, are based on bonafide demonstrations in actual human experience.
Altogether too many people are defeated by the everyday problems of life. They go struggling, perhaps even whining, through their days with a sense of dull resentment at what they consider the “bad breaks” life has given them. In a sense, there may be such a thing as “the breaks” in this life, but there is also a spirit and method by which we can control and even determine those breaks. It is a pity that people should let themselves be defeated by the problems, cares, and difficulties of human existence, and it is also quite unnecessary.
In saying this I certainly do not ignore or minimize the hardships and tragedies of the world, but neither do I allow them to dominate. You can permit obstacles to control your mind to the point where they are uppermost and thus become the dominating factors in your thought pattern.

Inside this book

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF! Have faith in your abilities! Without humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy. But with sound self-confidence, you can succeed. A sense of inferiority and inadequacy interferes with the attainment of your hopes, but self-confidence leads to self-realization and successful achievement. Because of the importance of this mental attitude, this book will help you believe in yourself and release your inner powers.
It is appalling to realize the number of pathetic people who are hampered and made miserable by the malady popularly called the inferiority complex. But you need not suffer from this trouble. When proper steps are taken, it can be overcome. You can develop creative faith in yourself—faith that is justified. After speaking to a convention of businessmen in a city auditorium, I was on the stage greeting people when a man approached me and with a peculiar intensity of manner asked, “May I talk with you about a matter of desperate importance to me?” I asked him to remain until the others had gone, then we went backstage and sat down. “I’m in this town to handle the most important business deal of my life,” he explained. “If I succeed, it means everything to me. If I fail, I’m done for.”

Download The Power of Positive Thinking PDF


  • Title of the book– The Power of Positive Thinking
  • Author – Norman Vincent Peale
  • Language – English
  • Genre – Non-Fiction, Business, Children, Literature, Self Help, Psychology
  • Download Format – PDF
  • Size – 1.1 MB
  • Number of Pages –203
  • Price – Free

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