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Download The Silence of the Lambs EPUB by Thomas Harris published on 19 May 1988. You can download this book in EPUB format from the link provided below.

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Dr. Frederick Chilton, fifty-eight, administrator of the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane, has a long, wide desk upon which there are no hard or sharp objects. Some of the staff call it “the moat.” Other staff members don’t know what the word moat means. Dr. Chilton remained seated behind his desk when Clarice Starling came into his office. “We’ve had a lot of detectives here, but I can’t remember one so attractive,”
Chilton ‘said without getting up. Starling knew without thinking about it that the shine on his extended hand was lanolin from patting his hair. She let go before he did. “It is Miss Sterling, isn’t it?” “It’s Starling, Doctor, with an a. Thank you for your time.” “So the FBI is going to the girls like everything else, ha, ha.” He added the tobacco smile he uses to separate his sentences. “The Bureau’s improving, Dr. Chilton. It certainly is.” “Will you be in Baltimore for several days? You know, you can have just as good a time here as you can in Washington or New York if you know the town.”
She looked away to spare herself his smile and knew at once that he had registered her distaste. “I’m sure it’s a great town, but my instructions are to see Dr. Lecter and report back this afternoon.” “Is there someplace I could call you in Washington for a follow-up, later on?” “Of course. It’s kind of you to think of it. Special Agent Jack Crawford’s in charge of this project, and you can always reach me through him.” “I see,” Chilton said. His cheeks, mottled with pink, clashed with the improbable red-brown of his coif. ”Give me your identification, please.” He let her remain standing through his leisurely examination of her ID card. Then he handed it back and rose. “This won’t take much time. Come along.” “I understood you’d brief me, Dr. Chilton,” Starling said. “I can do that while we walk.” He came around his desk, looking at his watch. “I have lunch in half an hour.”

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