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The Stranger PDF by Albert Camus

Download The Stranger PDF by Albert Camus published in 1942.

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The storyline of The Stranger is not complicated, but there is considerable debate over what it means. The story concerns Meursault, a man who is rather passive, who does not make judgments about the quality of actions. He does not see patterns in the past or foresee consequences in the future. To act or not to act alone. He seems to care deeply only about the sensations of the fleeting present moment. He drifts into relationships and into actions, and one of these changes his life. It puts him into conflict with the moral ideals of the society around him.* * *Meursault, a shipping clerk in the North African city of Algiers, learns of his mother’s death in a nursing home.
He attends her funeral without showing the sorrow his society expects of a son or daughter. After the funeral, he returns to Algiers. The next day, Saturday, he goes swimming and meets Marie Cardona, a young woman who formerly worked at his office. They see a comic film together and Marie goes home with Meursault. They make love. On Sunday, Meursaultstays by himself in his apartment, watching people on the street below. The following evening, Meursault meets one of his neighbors, Raymond Sintes, who invites him to dinner. Raymond tells Meursault that his Arab girlfriend.

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