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Download The Way of Kings EPUB by Brandon Sanderson and read one of the best Fantasy novels on any device. The book was published on 31 August 2010, it contains one prelude, 75 chapters, one prologue, an epilogue, and nine interludes.


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    Rating 4/5

    Brandon Sanderson’s Roshar is a world with a rich history, folklores, enchantment frameworks and biology which has been molded by brutal (high)storms; this is enormous world-working getting it done! When you’re perusing Way of Kings (Stormlight Archive #1), you’re never certain which subtleties will be applicable later on. Here’s an intimation: although it’s a beast of a book (1,007 pages) nearly everything ends up important inevitably. Am I on edge to peruse the subsequent book? Progressively like on edge for the third book. In a previous couple of months, I’ve perused the two Ways of Kings and Words of Radiance (Stormlight Archive #2) twice (survey for Words of Radiance to come soon). I’m prepared for Oathbringer (Stormlight Archive #3)!

    Rating 4/5

    I’ve been struck astounded. I’ve cherished Sanderson’s books previously, however, this one overwhelmed me. I truly wish I could give The Way of Kings the 6th star. It has superseded The Name of the Wind as my preferred dream novel ever. Rothfuss is still high-ruler of my heart, yet Sanderson rules as lord. Kvothe is an astonishing, wonderfully composed character, yet he doesn’t hold a Stormlighted-circle to Kaladin. (Additionally, in what capacity can I not regard the sheer measure of composing we get from Sanderson? Rothfuss is an expert, no ifs, and or buts. His composing is probably the most wonderful I’ve at any point had the delight of perusing. Be that as it may, Sanderson’s hard-working attitude procures him my regard and my appreciation.)
    I attempted to peruse this as gradually as would be prudent, relishing each character’s point of view, each plot turn, each disclosure. In any case, too bad, it was still over dreadfully soon. I realize that I have the subsequent volume lying on the lookout for my rack, yet I think I’ll hold up a month or two preceding I devour it, to give this delicious novel time to completely process before plunging again into the universe of Roshar. I’ve perused plenty of imagination books, however, I don’t think I’ve at any point gone over a world more extraordinary or skillfully woven than Roshar. Sanderson ought to be cheered for that creation alone.

    Rating 3.5/5

    Part 1

    “Life before death. Quality before shortcoming. Adventure before Destination. Talk again the antiquated pledges and come back to men the Shards they once bore. The Knights Radiant must stand once more.”
    It has been ages since the amazing Knights Radiant remained against the Voidbringers. Presently all that remaining parts of them are the Shardplates and Shardblades they once wore. The universe of Roshar has plunged into a position of homicide and interest, and keeping in mind that professional killers murder lords in the shadows of the night, war seethes on the Shattered Plains, where the Highprinces of Alethkar battle to retaliate for their fallen pioneer.
    The Stormlight Archive is one of the most aspiring ventures in a dream today. A 10-book arrangement comprising of 1000-page long books isn’t something to fight at. Furthermore, it likewise clarifies the shortcomings of this book.
    Okay. I’ll spare the applause for some other time, and go directly to the negative things first. I will need to totally and completely concur with what I have been perusing in a gigantic measure of surveys for The Way of Kings: this is a 1000-page preamble. What’s more, there is no plot improvement. That sentence is generally me improperly overstating, yet it doesn’t conceal the way this is one of the slowest books I have perused in a long, long time. It could have been sliced to the half without losing anything of significance. In the wake of completing the book, you understand that the characters are pretty much at precisely the same point as to where they began. Then again, they’ve developed as characters. Furthermore, that is this book more or less. Plot advancement is non-existent, while character improvement is the fundamental focal point of the book.

    Part 2

    I ought to likewise specify my sentiments about Kaladin. A few of my companions have disclosed to me that he would most likely wind up being my preferred character. What’s more, I couldn’t differ more. Kaladin is a perplexing character okay. He has his phantoms of the past, he has his issues to survive, and he’s enthusiastic. Yet, as a youthful, male human hero, he’s not uncommon. I considered Kaladin an exhausting character. I didn’t detest him, and I didn’t think he was an awful character, yet he was exhausting me. His sections were in my eyes the most exhausting ones, his characters were in my eyes the most exhausting among the heroes. Furthermore, the reality he should be the principal hero of this first book didn’t help. I realize that a considerable lot of you truly appreciate finding out about Kaladin, and I have no issue with that, however, his character and storyline simply didn’t interest me by any means. Up until now.
    So for what reason do, I give this such a high appraising? Since I’m anxious about Sanderson cultists with ropes and lights seeking me? No, not. Indeed, maybe, yet… I truly enjoyed this book. The worldbuilding is fascinating, the characterization and character improvement are stunning, as is generally everything else. There is nothing that is through and through terrible in this book. It’s only a blend of wonderful things and… not all that great things.
    A couple of explicit qualities: initially, female characters. From what I’ve perused up until now, female characters make up one of Brandon Sanderson’s extraordinary shortcomings. All things considered, the sort of fixes that impression in this book. Shallan is in my eyes a greatly improved hero than Vin and Siri, and she doesn’t approach the two interesting princesses of House Kholin: Jasnah and Navani.
    “The motivation behind a storyteller isn’t to disclose to you how to think, yet to give you inquiries to think upon.”
    Besides, profound quality and vagueness. Sanderson is great at making religions and beliefs, and he’s great at making the peruser think. The book tends to a few significant philosophical and moral issues and thinks of contentions for all perspectives.
    Thirdly, the Knights Radiant. When perusing dream, I have an interest in sentimentality and legends from the overlooked past. Discovering progressively about them was a piece of my inspiration for continuing perusing even in the most exhausting of Kaladin’s parts.
    “It was as though, for Dalinar Kholin, wearing his Plate was his normal state—it was the occasions without that were irregular. Maybe that was one reason he’d earned the notoriety of being perhaps the best warrior and officers who at any point lived.”
    Fourthly, Dalinar Kholin. I didn’t care for Kaladin (didn’t loathe him either, mind you), I was for the most part apathetic regarding Szeth, and keeping in mind that Shallan was a cool enough young lady, she’s not the sort who turns into my top pick. Dalinar the Blackthorn, be that as it may, is likely the best character Sanderson has made up until now. He’s a maturing general prompting his regal nephew in the methods for war, and battles to join youthful Alethkar and manufacture it into a bound together kingdom.
    Everything else I enjoyed, for the most part, has to do with Dalinar. His association with Navani, his sister-in-law and previous love, is phenomenal. His association with Highprince Sadeas, the old companion who turned into an opponent, considerably more so. I have an interest in finding out about adversaries or opponents participating, and Dalinar and Sadeas was an ideal case of simply that. Thus Dalinar, his respect, and his communications make this book into a way more agreeable experience than it would ever want to be without him.
    Last, yet not least, I should state that the last ten parts (roughly) were completely deserving of five strong stars. The activities of Dalinar and Kaladin in the warmth of fight, a few splendid plots turns and a pleasant, little epilog that was most likely the best single section in the entire book. Also, there, in the end, the preamble with the strange length is transformed into the start of what can turn into a legend of the dream type. This was an extraordinary dream novel. Only not among the absolute best. The arrangement, all in all, be that as it may, can ascend there.
    *phew* That was a ton of musings, and the longest survey I’ve written in some time. There might be more to come, however for the present, this is it.
    I’ll complete off with a little quote I truly delighted in from a stunning character I haven’t referenced in the survey:

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