The Wicked King PDF

The Wicked King PDF by Holly Black

Download The Wicked King PDF by Holly Black published on January 8, 2019.


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    Inside this book

    It seemed like a good trade—a very faerie trade, even: put someone who despised me on the throne so that Oak would be out of danger. It was thrilling to trick Cardan into promising to serve me for a year and a day, exhilarating when my plan came together. Then, a year and a day seemed like forever. But now I must figure out how to keep him in my power—and out of trouble—for longer than that. Long enough to give Oak a chance to have what I didn’t: a childhood. Now a year and a day seem like no time at all. And despite having put Cardan on the throne through my own machinations, despite scheming to keep him there, I cannot help being unnerved by how comfortable he looks. Faerie rulers are tied to the land.
    They are the lifeblood and the beating heart of their realm in some mystical way that I don’t fully understand. But surely Cardan isn’t that, not with his commitment to being a layabout who does none of the real work of governance. Mostly, his obligations appear to be allowing his ring-covered hands to be kissed and accepting the blandishments of the Folk. I’m sure he enjoys that part of it—the kisses, the bowing, and scraping. He’s certainly enjoying the wine. He calls again and again for his cabochon-encrusted goblet to be refilled with a pale green liquor. The very smell of it makes my head spin.
    During a lull, he glances up at me, raising one black brow. “Enjoying yourself?” “Not as much as you are,” I tell him. No matter how much he disliked me when we were in school, that was a guttering candle to the steady flame of his hatred now. His mouth curls into a smile. His eyes shine with wicked intent. “Look at them all, your subjects.


    You’re styling yourself as a spymaster,” the Roach says, looking over me and then my prisoner. “That ought to include being shrewd. Relying only on yourself is a good way to get got. Next time, take a member of the royal guard. Take one of us. Take a cloud of sprites or a drunken spriggan. Just take someone.” “Watching my back is the perfect opportunity to stick a knife in it,” I remind him. “Spoken like Madoc himself,” says the Roach with an irritated sniff of his long, twisted nose.
    He sits at the wooden table in the Court of Shadows, the lair of spies deep in the tunnels under the Palace of Elfhame. He is burning the tips of crossbow bolts in a flame, then liberally coat them with sticky tar. “If you don’t trust us, just say so. We came to one arrangement, we can come to another.”

    Download The Wicked King PDF


    • Book Title – The Wicked King
    • Author– Holly Black
    • Language – English
    • Genre – Fiction, Novel, Fantasy, Magic
    • Download Format – PDF
    • Size – 4 MB
    • Number of Pages – 248
    • Price – Free

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