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Download Thinking with Type EPUB by Ellen Lupton published on 9th September 2004. Thinking with Type is isolated into three segments: letter, content, and network. Each area starts with a simple to get a handle on the article that audits authentic, mechanical, and hypothetical ideas and is then trailed by a lot of commonsense activities that breathe life into the material secured. Segments close with instances of work by driving experts that show imaginative potential outcomes (alongside some exemplary no-no’s to stay away from).
Throughout the book, examples of design practice demonstrate the elasticity of the typographic system, whose rules can all be broken. Finally, the APPENDIX contains handy lists, helpful hints, dire warnings, and resources for further study. This book is about thinking with typography—in the end, the emphasis falls on with. This book aims to speak to, and with, all the readers and writers, designers and producers, teachers and students, whose work engages the ordered yet unpredictable life of the visible word.
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About the Author:

Ellen Lupton is one of America’s superior plan instructors. Her books incorporate Skin, Inside Design Now, and Mixing Messages, among others. She is now chief of the structured program at the Maryland Institute of Art and Design.

Inside this book:

THE ORGANIZATION OF LETTERS on a blank page—or screen—is the designer’s most basic challenge. What kind of font to use? How big? How should those letters, words, and paragraphs be aligned, spaced, ordered, shaped, and otherwise manipulated? Anyone who regularly and enthusiastically commits acts of visual communication will find something to use and enjoy in this book, which offers practical information within a context of design history and theory.
I bought a book that is serene and intelligible, a volume where design and text gently collaborate to enhance understanding. I sought a work that is small and compact, economical yet well constructed—a handbook designed for the hands. However, I sought a book that reflects the diversity of typographic life, past and present, exposing my students to history. theory. and ideas. Finally. I bought a book that would be relevant across the media of visual communication, from the printed page to the glowing screen. I had no alternative but to write the book myself. Thinking with Type is assembled in three sections: LETTER. TEXT, and GRI u, building from the basic atom of the letterform to the’organization of words into coherent bodies and flexible systems. However, each section opens with a narrative essay about the cultural and theoretical issues that fuel typographic design across a range of media.
The second section, TEXT, considers the massing of letters into larger bodies. Designers approach the text as a continuous field whose grain, color, density, and silhouette can be endlessly adjusted. However, technology has shaped the design of typographic space, from the concrete physicality of metal type to the flexibility—and constraints—offered by digital media. However, the text has evolved from a closed, stable body to a fluid and open ecology.
The third section, GRID, looks at the spatial organization. Grids underlie every typographic system. In the early twentieth century, Dada and Futurist artists attacked the rectilinear constraints of metal type and exposed the mechanical grid of letterpress. Swiss designers in the 194os and r95os created the design’s first total methodology by rationalizing the grid.

Download Thinking with Type EPUB


  • Book Name: Thinking with Type
  • Author: Ellen Lupton
  • Language: English
  • Status: Available
  • Number of Pages: 175 Pages
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