Trapping Sophia by Izzy Sweet

Download Trapping Sophia by Izzy Sweet (ePUB) for free from BooksPDF4Free, just click the download link given below and read your book on any device. The book is one of the best contemporary romance novel that is filled with suspense, secrets, mystery, and unexpected twists. Even though the book is very complicated, it will keep you hooked from the beginning. The author knows how to engage its readers which will keep you reading all night. Overall It is a definite must-read.

I’m a psycho. A stalker. A sick and obsessed monster…
I’m what happens when you keep a man away from the woman he wants.

They said I couldn’t have her…
That grabbing and keeping the Police Chief’s daughter would bring too much down on our heads.
I listened. I obeyed. And I’ve been slowly going mad with the need to make her mine ever since.

For seven months, I’ve watched her from afar and followed her every move.
Protecting her. Killing for her.
And she doesn’t even know I exist.

She doesn’t know how I burn and ache after our one kiss.
Now her father’s dead.
She’s weak and in pain, reeling from the loss.
All alone in the world now.

If I was a good man, I’d give her time and space to deal with her grief.
I’d give her room to heal.
But I’m not a good man.
I’m a bad man.
And she has no idea what’s coming for her…

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