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We all produce two forms of communication from which the experience of our lives is fashioned. First, we conduct internal communications: those things we picture, say, and feel within ourselves. The level of success you experience internally-the happiness, joy, ecstasy, love or anything you desire-is the direct result of how you communicate to yourself. How you feel is not the result of what is happening in your life it is your interpretation of what is happening. NOTHING HAS ANY MEANING EXCEPT THE MEANING WE GIVE IT through our internal communication.
Secondly, we experience external communications: words. tonalities, facial expressions, body postures, and physical actions to communicate with the world. Every communication we make-internal and external- is an action, a cause set in motion, and that cause produces an effect. You might think of the process of producing emotional states by managing your internal communication as being similar to a director’s job. To produce the precise results (s)he wants, the director of a movie manipulates what you see and hear. Likewise, if you can learn to manipulate your internal movie, you will be able to create the external results you want in your life.
You’re already producing results. They just may not be the results you desire. Most of us think of our mental states and most of what goes on in our minds as things that happen outside our control. But the truth is you can control your mental activities and your behaviors to a degree you never believed possible before. If you’re depressed, you created and produced the scene in the movie you call depression by the way you communicated to yourself internally with your mind and body. It takes specific actions to produce depression or ecstasy, or any emotional state. Learning to manipulate these actions will lead you to control of your emotions and your behavior. You can run your brain as skillfully as Steven Spielberg runs his set. Each chapter of this book deals with some aspect of how to run your brain.

Download Unlimited Power EPUB by Tony Robbins

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