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Download Wasted in Engineering PDF: Story of India’s Youth by Prabhu Swaminathan published on 1st October 2014. Read the soft copy of this book anytime, anywhere and download it for free!

About the Author:

Prabhu contemplated electrical building in one of the main designing schools in his state yet like a significant number of you, he never sought after a vocation in the building. He ran a news examination site a couple of years sooner while working for an innovation counseling firm. He partook in the Jagriti Yatra, during his school days and now he works for a national examining association in a money related position. Furthermore, He additionally holds a confirmation in news-casting and this is Prabhu’s first book. His different advantages incorporate photography and voyaging. He lives in Chennai.

Reviews of Wasted in Engineering 

1. Rating 4/5

This book is unique concerning different books that guarantee to be founded on Engineering school and its understudies. It displays a genuine mirror picture of our general public and a genuine picture of understudies who pick Engineering as a calling yet go through their time on earth regretting their choice. I have seen such individuals among my family and companions and I can relate with this book.
The creator portrayed through models and circumstances that how individuals wasted their life. I loved the way, the creator explains the upsides and downsides of taking Engineering as a calling because of family or social weight. An understudy is indeed youthful exactly when they join Engineering yet once they understand their actual calling they should stop. However, I will profoundly prescribe this book to every one of my loved ones who need their youngster to turn into an engineer.
The last part where he gives a couple of instances of individuals who wasted their engineering certificate is all around explored and I should state exceptionally amazing.
The language is clear and I preferred how the creator referenced even humble subtleties that influence an individual’s choice either for instruction or occupation.
However, An unquestionable requirement read for every one of the youths.

2. Rating 5/5

This book has responded to this inquiry by pointing out the most legitimate reasons as one could do.
However, imagine a scenario where the understudy needs to seek after some other vocation that probably won’t be such a great amount of advertised than engineering or medicine.
The creator has had the option to hit the correct note, enabling the adolescents to think about how to manage their future, and alongside that, it has likewise been an eye-opener for the Indian guardians.
Talking about the book , the book spread is great, it gave a feeling that the book is a work of fiction however it ended up being something significantly more than that, the ad spot is alluring, just like the substance, the portrayal is quick-paced, effectively associates with the peruser, language is very simple yet clear, writing style is up to desires. By and large, I delighted in reading this bit of work and would profoundly prescribe to every one of the guardians who think that solitary engineering is the best profession alternative for their kids. To every one of the understudies who are in twelfth or spent out this year or are in their school pursuing graduation, this book is for everybody. However, An extraordinary introduction by the creator.
Profoundly considerable.

Inside this book:

This book isn’t about the few engineering understudies in your group who love engineering. I don’t loathe them. I am exceptionally envious that they study what they adore. This book is about most of the engineering graduates whose lives are wasted in engineering and is intended to reveal to you why you should endeavor to pursue your genuine enthusiasm, instead of being choked under the heaviness of an engineering qualification.
‘Engineering padicha nalla future – If you study engineering, you will have a decent future. This is a case regularly rehashed to youngsters and adolescents by guardians and instructors in numerous pieces of India. However, just the individuals who have experienced an engineering school life realize that it’s not obvious.
There is a contrast between calling yourself an engineering graduate and an engineer. A large number of us simply graduate with an engineering certificate, considering an aesthetic dream.
What do you think is the contrast between engineers in numerous nations around the globe and engineers from India? In different nations, if David Pascal contemplated electrical engineering in school, a couple of years after the fact you can find him working as an electrical engineer. In India, if Ram Krishnamurthy examined electrical engineering, a couple of years after the fact you can find him working in an unessential field like programming coding, banking, photography and even motion picture directing.
However, this is an account of India’s Youth.
Welcome to India!
However, the place known for its Wasted Engineers.

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  • Book Name: Wasted in Engineering: Story of India’s Youth
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  • Language: English
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