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Wayward Son EPUB by Rainbow Rowell

Download Wayward Son EPUB by Rainbow Rowell published on September 24, 2019.

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    About the Author

    RAINBOW ROWELL lives in Omaha, Nebraska, with her husband and two sons, She’s also the author of carrying On, Landline, Fangirl, Eleanor & Park, and Attachments. You can sign up for email updates

    Inside this book

    Simon Snow is lying on the sofa. Simon Snow is pretty much always lying on the sofa these days. With his leathery red wings tucked up behind him like a pillow and a can of cheap cider hanging off his hand. He used to hold a sword like that. Like it was attached. It’s finally summer in London. I’ve been studying all day —exams next week; Bunce and I are buried in books. We both pretend that Snow is studying for his exams, too. He hasn’t been at uni in weeks, I’d wager. He hasn’t been off the sofa unless it’s to go down to the corner to buy chips and cider; he ties his tail around his waist and hides his wings under a dreadful tan mackintosh—he looks like Quasimodo. Or a flasher. He looks like three kids in a trench coat pretending to be a complete wanker.
    The last time I saw Snow without wings and a tail, Bunce had just got home from a lecture. She cast concealment to spell his way without even thinking about it—and he went feral on her. “For fuck’s sake, Penny, I’ll tell you if I want your magic!” Her magic. My magic. It wasn’t very long ago that all the magic was his. He was the One, wasn’t he? The most. The magic-est. Bunce and I never leave him alone now if we can help it. We go to lectures, we study. (That’s what Bunce and I do.

    Download Wayward Son EPUB


    • Book Title – Wayward Son
    • Author of this Book -Rainbow Rowell
    • Language – English
    • Book Genre – Fiction, Novel, Young Adult, Fantasy
    • Download Format – EPUB
    • Size – 16 MB
    • Number of Pages – 358
    • Price – Free

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